Tuesday, August 5, 2008

The Future of Sex

Yes, there will be sex in the future. You weren't worried about that, were you?

But will technology affect our enjoyment of sex? Will it be like in Demolition Man, where the sex act avoids physical contact and the exchange of body fluids? Or will it be like in (name the movie) where virtual sex is rampant and some people orgasm to death?

Sex toys are one area Moore's Law hasn't affected, but some day that will change in a huge way.

A realistic virtual reality simulation allowing people to experience sex with others (real or imagined) would be worth billions.

While porn would be the early adapter of "feelies", they would change the way all movies are made and presented.

What about virtual sex between virtual people? If our brains are uploaded into computers, I'll bet that someone figures out how to implement virtual sex that is largely indistinguishable from the real thing (at least to the participants).

Or is it truly the same? How will virtual self-representations affect virtual sex? Many people in gaming choose avatars not related to their physical appearance. That might be even more true when it comes to sex play. I'm sure that ED won't be an issue, nor will premature ejaculation. Or size. (Never mind. I was just told that size doesn't matter).

How about sex in space? In space, no one can hear you scream. (No, wrong movie.) In orbit or other zero-gravity environments, sex would be more difficult, a challenge. As I point out in Apophis 2029, while possible, sex in free-fall is awkward and likely tiring. It's still worth the effort, I'm sure, but it is different. Straps, hand-holds, and surfaces to thrust against would be important. Vital, even.

So, yes, I believe there will be sex in the future. Hopefully it will be between between consenting adults, and at least occasionally result in children. After all, if we stop having children (see The Purpose of Life), soon there would be no more sex in our future.

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